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Treasure Hunt! We put the key to $2000 worth of BTC on the Siacoin network

I've been thinking about this idea for a while. Some people think storing data on the Siacoin network is not secure, so let's put it to the test!
The Sia Network uses Reed Solomon Erasure Coding to split up the data and store it across multiple hosts. All Sia data is encrypted by default using Threefish, a modern symmetric cipher designed by Bruce Schneier. No practical attack on this cipher has ever been demonstrated. If you can steal my data from the Sia network, you can break Threefish encryption.

The Bounty

Here’s the Bitcoin wallet:
It’s simple. I have uploaded the private key for this Bitcoin to the Sia network. To make things even easier, I am announcing the hosts that I am storing this data with:
The tweet: The medium:
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Bitcoin GUARANTEED to fail

I have been following Bitcoin since ~2011/2012, and I have considered myself a "bitcoin bug". I found a comment on Bruce Schneier's website that seriously made me think:
*Bitcoin is doomed, in at least two different ways...
First, because it is based on ECDSA, if and when someone invents a sufficiently powerful quantum computer, Shor's algorithm will enable someone with such a computer to steal bitcoins at will.
Second, if no one ever does create a sufficiently powerful quantum computer, there is a fixed upper limit on the total number of Bitcoins (21 million), and no one has the authority to make more. So if you lose your private key/wallet (and don't have a quantum computer) then the bitcoins in that wallet are lost forever.
In other words, the bitcoin system can be thought of as an absorbing Markov chain. Bitcoins leap from wallet to wallet (the non-absorbing states), but there is always a chance they will leap to the absorbing state of being lost. As an absorbing Markov chain, it is inevitable that eventually most and then all the bitcoins will become lost, and the bitcoin system will break down.
Together with the deflationary aspect of the bitcoin system, I sometimes wonder if it was carefully designed as a Pyramid scheme to extract wealth over the next decade or so from conspiracy theorists, paranoids, currency speculators, gold-bugs, and Ayn-Randian fanatics. Perhaps that is the reason why the creator used a pseudonym and is still anonymous...*
If those aspects are true, then there is only one valid reason left to invest in bitcoin, and it's not a good one: greed
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Bitcoin is hovering around $3,600 handle, down 1.5% since the start of the day. The first digital asset retraced from the recent high of $3,707 late o Law enforcement learned from a bitcoin exchange that the second wallet was registered to Son with his personal phone number and one of his personal email addresses. Remember this the next time some law enforcement official tells us that they’re powerless to investigate crime without breaking cryptography for everyone. More news articles. The indictment is here. Some of it is pretty ... [ad_1] Harvard professor criticizes the cryptocurrency as being totally meaningless. BTC/USD is under pressure amid profit-taking. Bitcoin is hovering around $3,600 handle, down 1.5% since the start of the day. The first digital asset retraced from the recent high of $3,707 late on Friday as speculative traders have been taking profits after a strong rally. … That Bitcoin wallet was registered with the same email address. Another article. Posted on July 26, 2016 at 6:42 AM • View Comments. Good Article on the Blockchain . The Economist published a really good article on the blockchain. Posted on November 9, 2015 at 6:11 AM • View Comments. Clever System of Secure Distributed Computation. This is really clever: Enigma’s technique ... Bruce Schneier is a security technologist who teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is the author, ... If your bitcoin wallet gets hacked, you lose all of your money. If you forget your login ...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Exchanges, identity, and surveillance - YouTube

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